How to Hire a Residential Cleaning Service

Cleaning a house is a tedious job, especially if you are a busy person who rarely has free time. You can always hire a maid; however, if you choose the wrong person, you will end up letting unreliable person enter and dominate your home. What you need is a maid who insures his/her own career, who is ready to be held responsible if something bad happens to your property. Unfortunately, a maid as such is either rare or not present. So, what you are looking for is actually a residential cleaning service. As an establishment, a residential cleaning company has rules, policies, license, and—most important of all—commitment that control how it serves its clients. Hire the service it provides and you can make sure that you can keep your house clean without having to worry about anything.

A company like this can be found in almost all cities in the United States. If your residence is located in North Phoenix, you can easily find Residential Cleaning Services in North Phoenix by either leafing through the Yellow Pages or searching online. You need to know, though, that although hiring residential cleaning service is a more reliable solution than hiring a maid, there is the most reliable company among the rest. You have to make sure that you work only with that company. A reliable residential cleaning company should meet the following criteria.

1.     It should let you feel peace in mind.

The reason why you don’t hire a maid is because you cannot always trust one. Therefore, you want to make sure that the service you hire is a service that you can trust. The company should guarantee its service and be able to assure you that nothing wrong will happen when its personnel clean your house.

2.     It should dispatch only personnel who are familiar with your house

Who are the most familiar with your house? They are obviously personnel who have ever cleaned your house before. Therefore, you have to make sure that the company always dispatch the same cleaning team whenever cleaning session is scheduled.

3.     When the company promises that your house will be cleaned, make sure that it is perfectly clean.

You hire the service because you want to make sure that your house is always clean. Therefore, make sure that your house is perfectly clean after each cleaning session and that there is no concealed dirt and garbage.

Refresh Home Park

Presence in the home garden can be a relaxing place for residents. Parks can make a house look more cool, beautiful and comfortable. Especially in urban areas blazing the development of a home or building, the less green areas that are still there. Coupled with the high levels of congestion and air pollution from vehicle fumes in urban areas will make the presence in the home garden as an oasis to unwind each day. What to watch out for when going to the park?

Tips to Make Garden

In making a garden, there are several things that need to be created so that the garden looks beautiful and orderly. Here are some things to look for when you’re going to make a garden.

Determine Theme Park

Before determining the type of crop to be bought, you should determine the overall theme of the garden. Theme parks to choose from for example a garden with a Balinese theme, Paris, Japan, tropical, minimalist or more themes.

The theme chosen should be adapted to the land area of the garden. If the area is not too large, we suggest you choose more moderate themes, minimalist theme, e.g. some detail in the design. Once the theme is determined, you can choose plants, flowers or other ornaments that supports the theme park.

Setup Installation and Land Park

At the beginning of the making of the garden, do not forget to make the installation in advance. Installation and placement position of power and water should be noted that there are in a safe place and do not interfere with the activity when in the garden. Installation of electricity and water in particular need to get attention when you intend to make a pond with a water fountain.

That cannot be missed to prepare is preparing slowly. As planting media, which will be turned into a park land should be cleared of weeds or nuisance plants. Land should also be watered and nurtured so that plants can grow.

Create Harmonization Plants

That looks interesting, select plants that vary. Choose plants of different sizes, types, or color to the garden is not monotonous. Colors can be obtained from plant flower color or leaf color. But, it is important to keep attention to the compatibility of the garden so the garden looks neat and interesting. Compatibility garden will be created to determine which crops will be planted and position.

Crops generally divided on high measuring tree, bush or clump lower pastures and crop land cover. Typically, the tree is placed in the rear, followed by the trunk and then crop planting pastures and crop land cover on the front. Or to design centralized parks, tree placed in the center, followed by crop and rotates around the base of the plant that is lower pastures in the outermost part. Harmonization of important crops for beauty and neatness of the garden.

Material Selection Park

Park not only consists of the crop only. Gardens should also be supported by hard objects such as pot plants, ponds, rocks, sand, or other supporting object supporting section referred to as hardscape that will affect more in the garden. While the crop itself is referred to as softscape.

You need to adjust anything hardscape that will be used and how much. This relates to the design of the garden. You can also add a garden chair, swing or anything else for added comfort when in the garderumah segarn. After determining the model garden, use softscape and hardscape will be more easily determined.

Crop selection

Some crops can grow well, should be adapted to the situation and condition of park land itself. What a place to be used as the crop will be much affected by the sun or not? Adjust also the environmental conditions. Is your home located in the hot or cold? If the garden will be more exposed to the sun, then to choose the crops are strong against the sun as if the match would cause crop plants do not grow or die. Based on the condition of the park, you can determine what types of plants that will inhabit your garden.


To add to the beauty of the garden, extra good lighting at the park needed to be the case. For example, by installing garden lighting or spotlights that exploits a plant garden as its focus. These lights are very acts at night, so at night you can still enjoy the beauty of your garden with a romantic atmosphere. Moreover, the presence of garden lights with various models will be sweetening your garden accessories.

The presence of the park can be an important thing, especially in the middle of the global warming issue. Garden can help reduce air pollution, reduce heat and increase oxygen inventory so you can enjoy the fresh air. If treated properly, you will also appreciate the beautiful scenery at home. Spending time in the garden would be nice.

Wooden Carpet ‘Made In Indonesia’ Global Start Now

indonesia wood carpetCreative crafts in the country actually have great potential. Therefore, every craftsman in Indonesia capable of removing creative ideas so that the product is able to attract consumers.

Like Sally Adriani, owner of Unique Carpet & Decoration which produces wood pieces are arranged to form the finished goods ready for use.

Sally initial idea in this business when in 2011, getting an offer from a South Korean counterparts to make carpets of wood pieces are arranged.

Once the form of goods and was quite attractive, he began pioneering this effort. When the initial capital is not less than Rp 200 million used to rent space, buy raw materials and pay employees.

“Initially Koreans products that provide an example, then I started to develop and see the potential is quite large so my focus here,” he said while talking to the Fair Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2013 in the JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, as quoted on Friday (18 / 10/2013).

As a raw material, Sally many uses rosewood, rubber and teak wood imported from Sumatra and Java.

The resulting products such as coasters, placemats, rugs, decorations, and a variety of household goods at prices ranging from Rp 50 thousand to over Rp 1 million. In one month, Sally can reap a turnover of up to Rp 200 million per month.

The product has been marketed to the various regions in Indonesia such as in Java, Bali, Pekanbaru, Palembang and Medan.

Besides the domestic market, these products have also penetrated overseas markets such as South Korea, United States, Turkey and Japan.

“If the country’s most widely Bali, when outside to America, with a ratio of 70% for domestic, new rest out. Nominally Then maybe about Rp 50 million overseas markets, and over Rp 100 million to the local per month, “said Sally.

Sally claims to have had medium-scale factories in the region of Palembang and Jakarta store. Number of employees even longer continues to increase along with the development of their business, from the beginning only 20 people has now reached 100 workers.

Sally future hopes to further develop the products that can be marketed throughout Indonesia as well as to increase the export destination.

“It is to seek the most difficult market, but if we are diligent and follow the exhibition promotion like this can hopefully be known and will automatically increase sales,” he said.

How to Make Fertilizer from Materials Around Us

Gardening is not going away with the fertilizer. Sometimes these factors (fertilizer) which makes us feel ‘ slightly ‘ objections, because it is not a little expenditure for fertilizer. Actually, a lot of material around us that we can make our dear fertilizer for plants. In addition to cheap (even free), herb fertilizer will not contain harmful chemicals. You could say, one paddle, two stone.

Here is a summary of the article that I get when skating virtual world, because I think it is very interesting and useful, then I accidentally write back here for further expanding the deployment of useful knowledge.

How to make fertilizer from materials around us

Rice water

Through research done by the students , Bogor Agricultural University ( IPB ) , Aunty Siti Nurhasanah , it was found that the content of the rice water useful as a fertilizer plant . Rice water is an alternative media Pseudomonas fluoresces carrier. Bacteria are microbes that play a role in the control of disease-causing pathogen rust and trigger plant growth.

Rice water contains nutrients that are abundant in carbohydrates such as starch them by 85-90 percent, gluten protein, cellulose, hemicelluloses, sugars, and high vitamin. Based on experience, the better rice water splashed onto the plant growing medium (soil), and not the stems of the plant, as it will result in white patches on the stems of plants affected rice water.

Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder can be used as a substitute for root growth hormone. The trick is by swiping parts of plants that will be planted with cinnamon powder for a while. Then the plants are grown as usual. In a few days will look young leaf shoots that appear as a sign of the new plants to grow successfully. This way I have been practicing on tree saplings “Salam” which I managed to move and grow.

Water washing blood fish and meat (chicken, cow, goat, etc.)

Water washing of animal blood that contains elements of Nitrogen (N), phosphorus, (P) and Potassium, very beneficial to plants. Based on experience , routine plant in flush water wash the blood of animals at least once a week , will be more fertile and fast flowering and fruiting

Banana skin

Dried banana skin , then cut into pieces and placed around the planting medium , rich in potassium . That’s why, plants treated with dry banana skin, it would be easy flowering and fruiting. This worked I apply to plant Melati Malaysia. Plants that have not flowered a few days a year ago issued fragrant flowers.

Peanut shell.

If you like to eat peanut skin, skin so does not waste it. Place the peanut shells on the planting medium. In addition to repel weeds, peanut shell rich in nitrogen which serves to fertilize the soil.

Shell eggs and egg cooking water.

Egg shell and boiled water is rich in protein. Plants that media cropping crumbs mixed with egg shell, providing a very useful nutrient for plant growth. Similarly, the water boiled egg.

Soak onion skin

Red onion in the world known to contain plant hormones Auxin can stimulate root growth in cuttings material, and grafts. Soak onion or bulb onion skin that cannot be used as a seasoning and left overnight, will make the newly planted plants by cuttings and grafts quickly out roots and flourish.

The remains of vegetables and processed food

To this need to be done composting before use.

Water Conservation Garden

water-conservation-gardenMany people who have problems to have a garden. One of the obstacles is difficult to get water or not enough time for watering plants in it. Plant as a resident of the park does need water to live. With proper planning and engineering, plants can grow well without experiencing drought. How to make water -saving garden?


Garden that only requires a little bit of water known as xeriscape. It is commonly used for dry areas. However, this can also be applied to the garden if you do not want to mess around with watering affair but still have a beautiful garden. You need to do is sort out xeriscaping plants by type and its needs for water.

Some ways to save water for park maintenance is:

Choose plants that do not require a lot of water

A type of cactus plants, pine, bamboo, and pineapple is a plant that used to live in dry areas. This type of plant does not require much water to live, and then it is appropriate to choose this type of plant xeriscape.

Grouping plants

To add to the beauty, you might want to add these types of plants that require water to live. If there are several types of plants, you can group the time to plant based on its needs for water.

Adjacent planting crops that need the water and other groups, plants that do not need water. With this grouping , the use of water for watering can be reduced due to the group of plants that can live in a dry area , you do not need to be flush with plenty of water without making dried plants that need more water .

Engineering plant

You can apply water savings ranging from the time of planting. The trick, dig a hole, fill it with water, let the water soak into the soil so that the soil becomes moist soil. Next, enter and re-enter the land plants. After completion of planted flush again with water.

This method makes the roots embedded in the ground faster. In addition, this method will reduce the frequency of use of water.

Flush with efficient

To avoid a lot of wasted water, water use must be considered when doing the watering. Ways to save water is to use a special bucket or using spray plants to produce water droplets. This is much more efficient than when using the hose. In addition, the roots will be optimized to absorb water in the form of droplets that come out slowly.

Choose the right time to flush

The time is right for watering plants is in the afternoon or evening. The reason is because the weather was calm at the time, thus reducing water evaporation and can last longer on the plant and growing media. Watering the plants has a quiet time to make more of a chance to absorb the water.

Utilizing wastewater

Air conditioning is not usually discarded can be used for watering plants. This is the result of condensation of water with good results. Other wastewater is to spread out the rain water from the roof; you can harvest a lot of useful water for watering the garden.

With proper watering way, now you can have water -saving garden, which is cared for garden with minimal water once trained us to conserve water.

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